If life were like WoW

April 22nd, 2008 | Tags: , ,

Usually when I’m driving, I start thinking to myself how much life would be easier if it were more like World of Warcraft. I mean, yesterday, after work, I made a special trip an hour north of my home. Why? Because I needed to try to buy Poly Pellets, or for those of you non-craft people, they’re the beanie baby filler beans. Why? Because I’m making a couple of crochet amigurumi dolls for the Colusa County Fair. That and since I’m quickly gaining poor status again, I decided to make the boy his birthday present rather than buying him something.

While driving on some backwoods highways, I had directions. But they didn’t necessarily tell me how far I needed to drive before finding my exits/turns. All I could think was how nice it would be to be able to /shout Is the 162 up ahead? and get a /tell response back of “Yeah, just another 5 miles or so.”

And then I started to think about the other aspects of how WoW life is just SO much better than real life. I mean, how great would it be to inspect people when they’re afk from life, and you can see if they have neurological disorders, psychosis issues, their ethnicity (mostly to avoid foot-in-mouth moments). I mean, we wander through real life, having to “figure it out” and man, MMO’s are just designed to be SO much easier. I can /who a person and find out their face AND class. I don’t have to associate with anyone of the Horde side, which eliminates about half of the people I run into. It’s not even a matter of I don’t have to associate with them, but the language barrier means that we’re just ignored, and I ignore them. No hard feelings. No issues or concerns. I just don’t bother.

And confrontations can be taken out during PVP and Arena type situations. Just remove all frustrations by whipping someone’s ass, and it’s all okay after awhile.

And when I’m not in the mood, I can just /quit and be done with life for a little while.

Yeah. As time goes on… I start to think just how much better it would be if real life were more reflective of life in WoW. I really think I’d adjust a whole lot better. When I’m bored with my current life, I could just start over again from scratch.

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