The Wonderful World of Wow

April 13th, 2008 | Tags: ,

Not too long ago, in a very similar place to where my butt resides as I type this, I was hooked. HOOKED I SAY, to a game called Everyquest. I only worked part time. Actually, back when the game first came out, I had friends who wanted me to play. It was appropriately named Evercrack, because it was like crack… for the anti-social, or the socially inept. Or just the shy.

My ex got me started. And once I was hooked, there was no turning back. I worked hard, played for 12-14 hours a day. I worked only enough to get by, and when I got home it was all the game. It was the least expensive pastime I’d ever had, but at the same time, it became my only pastime too. I did nothing more.

When I walked away from the game of Everquest, I decided that I would never let a game become quite the same obsession.

Until a friend talked about nothing but WoW. I mean, I had played, for like 4 days and hated it. I don’t hate it so much anymore. I play. I play it occasionally, but summer is coming, and I think it might be something I do more of. The WoW friend helps me with things. She’s guild leader, and I wish I could say that I get special preferential treatment because I knew her prior to playing WoW, but that’s not the case. She helps me out a lot, and she actually did a run for me yesterday. My Warlock is still pimping some green and blue gear, but now she’s got a ridiculous amount of purples.

And now… for some farming, and maybe… just maybe… to start doing some dailies.

On a side note, I started playing Pokemon Pearl. Too bad Michiko made me crazy obsessed and I decided to start breeding my team before I’ve killed anything. Yeah, I know. It’s disgusting. You should see the charts!

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