Oh, the joy of long weekends!

July 7th, 2008 | Tags: , ,

See, there’s a funny thing about having a semi-long distance relationship with someone. And I’ve blogged about it before. We never get to go through the obsessive phase where we ditch all of our friends and spend every waking minute we possibly can together. Everything we do has to be planned because there’s an hour drive to see the other. There are a few benefits to him coming to see me, the largest of them being that it costs him a ridiculous amount of money less in gas (and we get to go around town on his motorcycle instead, woo!). But we also get privacy (well, besides the cat who loves him, that little pain in my ass!), where we get some, but he has two roommates.

Thursday I wanted to leave work early, get a head start on my weekend. I knew I was going to spend the majority of it with the boy, and that made me giddy like a kid. On the way home, I stopped by the fruit stand and picked up a few pounds of peaches. They’re the boy’s favorite fruit.

We texted once I got home, and while I was tempted to use the peaches as a means to lure him to my place half a day earlier, I figured it might be a cheap ploy. So when he thought of coming up Thursday night instead of Friday, I was thrilled.

Thursday night we drove through the Buttes and stopped along a levee to sit and look at the stars. I’ve seen the Milky Way before, but out there, there are no lights, few cars, and endless sky. When it got too cold for the both of us we drove home, with the windows open and the heater cranked up. Sleeping that night was good.

My sleep schedule is pretty much the same whether I’m in school or not, so at roughly 8am on Friday, I was wide awake and unable to go back to sleep. I snuck out of bed to feed the cat and pick up a little bit while the boy was sleeping. After a few hours I went in to harass him, as I didn’t want to waste the day. I had big plans! He woke up and made these awesome omletes for the both of us. Very yum. I played some Guitar Hero III (now that I have a fully functional and working GH Guitar), and we packed to head up into the mountains for some “get away” time.

I took the scenic route, because it really is that much prettier, and while out in the lovely town of Linda (capital of Meth-head, California), I drove by childhood homes to show the boy. I told him stories about different houses, and what we used to do when running around being kids. The people. The relationships we had with each other. Very nostalgic. Then we drove up into the mountains, and found ourselves in Nevada City. We wandered around, having arrived just after the parade had finished (yay! no crowds!), and I went on a mission. The mission was to find the truffles. The truffles I ALWAYS have when I go to Nevada City. This time it was to share the truffley goodness with the boy.

Now, I must tell you about these truffles. First, they are HUGE. They’re massive truffles. I mean, I’ve paid a lot of money for chocolate before, and gotten a far smaller piece of heaven than what you get when you buy a truffle from Degroot’s Truffles. And OMFG! I can’t even begin to explain the goodness of them. They. are. amazing! And the boy loved the two he chose. We might spend some weekends out there, now that he knows it exists.

After Nevada City, we headed to Bridge Port, a local river-y area for swimming and all-around goodness. except, there was no river. There was NO water in the RIVER! But there were a ton of people wading in the mud. We left, went home. Went to Lindsey and Josiah’s, much to his chagrin, and he had fun. He didn’t want to be there all night, but we didn’t find ourselves home until close to 1am. Ha!

Saturday I decided that I didn’t like my couch, and thus wanted to kick it with my toe. Too bad the couch won and my toe was much worse for the wear. After bandaging the poor thing up, shoving it into a shoe, we hopped on his bike and headed to Davis to watch the UFC fight.

I’m not much of a fight fan, but I was excited to see the Griffon vs. Rampage fight. EX.CI.TED! And it was worth it. It was loads of fun.

Sunday we lounged. We got coffee and each of us read our own book. I caught him staring a few times, which made me smile. Wandered the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, and just did… stuff. Normal, everyday stuff that we almost never get to do. Some swimming, more lounging, and eventually home.

The second he turned to leave, I felt sadness. It’s bad enough I don’t get to see him very often, but the end to a wonderful weekend meant sleeping alone.

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