I’ve got my fingers crossed!

January 15th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

As I am wont to do when I am deathly bored at work, I decided to go on a yarn “window shopping” spree. Just in case I come into some strange money windfall and I have loads of extra to play around with, I can buy some. I’m actually looking to knit up some lacy stuff. So I’m constantly looking for some lace/sock yarn that would look pretty all done up in something lacy.

So I’ve been following WendyKnits on Plurk for a fair bit, and enjoying her blog posts about all sorts of things, and lately, my life has been all about knitting and crocheting, though more knitting than crocheting.

Anyway, whenever I go searching for new places to seek out yarn, I remember Wendy talking about Loopy Ewe. So I head there and find out that they’ve got their Sock Club for 2009 open. I signed up for the lottery and I’ve now got my fingers crossed that I get picked. I’m rather excited about it actually.

I’m also thinking of ways to blog more. Thinking of things that I could blog about so that I’m doing a bit more writing, which is what any aspiring writer should be doing, right??

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