The Princess

October 29th, 2007 |

Geek. Dork. Nerd. Gamer. Girl. Virgo. Horse. Ex-Smoker. Aspiring Writer. Crafty girl. Music lover. Avid Reader. Realist. Friend. Lover. Philosopher. Crocheter. Knitter. Romantic. Perfectionist. Dreamer. Student. Worker. Artist. World of Warcraft addict. Tattooed. College Graduate (finally!)

I’m stubborn to a fault. I’m impatient like I were going to die tomorrow. I hate missing out on what life might offer me, waiting for life to come to me. I’m loud. I’m opinionated. I’m funny as well as witty. I can laugh at myself with you, or I can laugh at you alone.

I love too easily. I trust even easier. I’m a realist at heart, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. I doubt myself more than anyone else could possibly imagine. I fear failure more than rejection. I’m bitchy. I’m harsh. I’m mean and often bordering on downright cruel. I won’t lie to you. I won’t hold back. I sometimes live my life to prove everyone else wrong.

I play too many video games. I waste my life in front of the television too often. I want to have David Tennant’s babies. I got my obsession for Doctor Who from my boyfriend. If I could do any one thing in the world, I’d be a writer, sitting on the porch of some secluded house in the middle of nowhere.

I value my alone time, but sometimes need the comfort of groups to feel okay. I’ve never fit in, and I’m slowly working towards being alright with that fact. I’m wise beyond my years and people are quick to think I’m conceited. I’m intelligent. I’m told I’m beautiful, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I’m tattooed all over. I dye my hair too often, mostly crazy and insane colors.

I’m not here to impress you, nor am I here to make you happy. I will stand beside you in friendship and support your every decision, but I’ll warn you if I believe you’re making a mistake.

My life is for me to live… so I’m living it. Each day. Every day. With passion and intensity.

Welcome to my world.

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