Day 3 of the Adventure

July 22nd, 2009 | Tags: , ,

Arriving in London at 7am meant that there was a really opportune time to try to go to the city and see some of the sights. I didn’t sleep much on the plane which meant that I was running on fumes by the time we landed. I figured it would be fun to take the train and go see some sights. And so, we did.

Once in the city we began walking around. Found a cute little cafe where we shared a plate of fish and chips (this was a HUGE serving of food) and we wandered around Trafalgar Square and into St. James park. We almost went up in the London Eye after crossing the Thames, but by that point the waiting in line would have surely meant me falling over and sleeping wherever I was.

We grabbed the train back to the airport and drove the long haul out to our hotel, just outside of Cirencester. It was a painful drive and really we probably should have pulled over and slept. *shrug* ah well.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we attempted to trek to Cardiff. It wouldn’t have been so bad if we had an actual map versus the really terrible Google maps directions. Which were accurate, but didn’t give nearly enough information to make driving around Cardiff possible. We were looking for this Doctor Who thing, and we definitely didn’t make it in time for the last showing so instead we hit up the Odeon movie theater to see Harry Potter.

Things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. People are SO polite here. It’s almost shocking how polite they are. It also makes me realize how much American are just douche bags. *shrug*
  2. Drivers are considerate. Good grief even when there was an accident and traffic it took a small fraction of the time it would take if it happened on ANY highway/freeway in the states.
  3. There are an obscene amount of different languages and accents everywhere you go. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just such a contrast. When we went down to breakfast yesterday there was this girl who was Polish in descent, but was raised in Greece (and was in the UK for work). Definitely cool.
  4. The food, while it tastes good, is cooked in SO much fat and oil that I can literally hear my heart scream out to me to stop. And they LOVE meat flavored everything. Nothing like a bag of “Lays” Smoked Bacon flavored chips.
  5. There is no night life outside of London. Everything closes far too early for my tastes (though I’m sure it’s just because of the lingering jet lag). This is something that is easy to overcome.
  6. The weather. It’s definitely a HUGE change from the 2-week long 100+ degree days that I’m glad to be missing out on (at least half of it!). It rains randomly, and at times there is no sun. This is one of my concerns with moving to Seattle without actually experiencing it. So far it doesn’t bother me too much. I like the cool weather a lot. There are no air conditioners. <3
  7. The toilets don’t fill with nearly enough water for me to feel comfortable. Heh.

I could see myself living here. I absolutely love it. Every time someone talks I want to hug them. We saw a Dalek cake at the Tesco last night (Tesco is like a Wal-Mart) and I wanted it. Had no desire to eat it. Just wanted the Dalek cake. Totally adore all of the Doctor Who stuff around.

Overall this has been a really amazing trip and it’s fairly early on day three. Still a few more days to go and hopefully some more sight seeing. For now, I sleep.

As if I needed another reason…

May 5th, 2009 | Tags: ,

But lil’ Miss Zannah shared this link on twitter, in order to rub it in that she will be at San Diego ComiCon this year… and I will not be. *sigh*

But it’s definitely another reason to want to go.