Rape in Video Games: Part Duex

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Why the need for another blog entry, you ask? Well, because it seems that some people didn’t bother to read through the entire length of the last one. Or it has become abundantly clear that factual statistics aren’t enough for this simple request to be heard. So this time, I’m going to try to work with anecdotes, in the best way possible.

While playing WoW, there are a handful of us, yes those of you reading (whether you play WoW or not). We’ve got 9 out of 10 people for a 10man ICC run. We pug the last guy. Last guys yells out in Vent (a vent that 1) doesn’t belong to him and 2) he was invited to just for this event), “We’re so going to rape this place.”

Person 1’s backstory goes like this: Raped by an uncle. When she told family members about what was happening, no one believed her. She never sought therapy or help for what happened to her. She still struggled daily when in the presence of men.

Person 2’s backstory: Raped by a father. Father was arrested. Person 2 got therapy and lives a mostly normal life. Has a husband and children. The bad days are few and far between.

Person 3’s backstory: Family member was raped and remembers the trauma it caused. Person 3 remembers how much EVERYONE suffered at the knowledge that the family member was raped.

Person’s 4-9: Never knew anyone who was raped and have never been raped themselves.

No one knows the experiences of the others, but all of you have been playing WoW for years. You can all tell stories about things you’ve done together. You know when Player 5 got married. You know that players 8 and 9 met in game and have been together now for 4 years and are expecting their first child. You know personal and real details about each person, even if (aside from Players 8 and 9) none of you have met. You bitch about your personal life with these people and you are handsomely rewarded for your teamwork and efforts within a game you all love and enjoy. They are your friends. You depend on them in the virtual world, and in the case of Player 8 and 9, in real life as well. You find camaraderie amongst your guild members.

Now. Given this (albeit ridiculous) scenario, how should each person respond. Person 1 hears “We’re so going to rape this place (like your uncle did to you when you were a little girl).” Is she wrong for feeling this way? She doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to piss anyone off, or cause problems. People react exactly the way amber, Daey and countless other people react when it gets brought up anyway. Why say anything? It won’t change. It won’t stop her from hearing those additional words when someone uses the term “rape” within the game. Is it fair, that this person who is otherwise a friend and guildmate, that her experiences are trivialized and treated as pathetic and useless? Is it her own fault this happened to her? Did she do something to ask or this to happen? Is it her fault that she doesn’t have the family support to help point her in the right direction and she has thus since spent her entire life internalizing the experience in an effort to fit in with her peers. Some of her peers are you, keep in mind.

Person 2 hears “We’re so going to rape this place!” and thinks nothing of it. It isn’t until later that night when the trauma of what happened to her comes back. Her husband is left to stare at her in bewilderment not knowing what to do to fix this. It isn’t his to fix. She has done the best that she can and for the most part is a fully functional adult. The experience has helped her become a stronger person and thus has raised her own children to be strong individuals.

Person 3 sends a whisper to the Raid Leader. The Raid Leader addresses the issue. The men all pipe up with “It was funny” or “He was a good rogue, just let it go.” Never knowing that Player 1 and 2 are having a hard time with this. Player 3 says something more. And suffers the ridicule and chastisement of her guild members. Someone she believed were her friends.

Is Person 1 wrong for feeling the way she does? Are we, those outside of the situation, allowed to TELL her how she should be feeling? Would it be so difficult to respect your guild member, your friend, and stop using the term “rape” so nonchalantly? Is it Person 2 allowed to tell Person 1 that she’s being irrational and dumb when what she hears includes “like your uncle did to you when you were a little girl”? Does Person 2 have a right to compare the experiences or their lives because she’s had a similar experience but has had better opportunities to seek help and adjust?

At what point do we stop expecting everyone else around us to do the jobs we should do? Should anyone other than Person 3 said something? Yes. Absolutely. Should it have been returned with ridicule and chastisement? Absolutely not. You should respect the people you play with. You should respect the people you call friends, even virtual ones. Some of my closest friends are people I almost never get to see in real life. My best friend of all time lives thousands of miles away, but our friendship is no less a best friendship than one I could have with someone nearby. Except that we could SEE each other more often.

Each person is going to take a negative situation and adjust however they want and at the pace that they want. I don’t speak for all victims and/or survivors. I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I asked for people to speak up and say something. I asked for people to start saying something when it comes up. I did not say that using other words to describe the same thing wouldn’t work. Use “buttsex” for example. Similar connotation, much funnier in execution. Includes men and women regardless of situation, and does not imply the violent act of taking something from someone against their will.

We’re all entitled to our opinions. I’m not even asking that you guys change your views of what rape or sex is for that matter. I ask that you respect the PEOPLE you play the game with and not use it in the way it’s been used up until now. This was one scenario. This was one person’s story based on the stories of others. This is one possibility of what could happen or the things that could exist. This is just one, out of billions, of possible situations you might find yourself in.

What role do you play in this? Are you willing to lessen the experiences of others because of one tiny detail, a detail that may not be so tiny to someone else? Will you only be sympathetic if you knew Person 1 and/or Person 2’s story? Would they need to disclose it in order for you to behave differently? Is it fair to think that everyone should just “buck up and grow up” because it’s what you’ve been able to do when faced with adverse life situations?

Why can’t we chose to be respectful of the people who play our games with? Why can’t we remember that these people are our friend’s too? That we don’t need to know the details to understand the importance of it.

That way Person 1 may one day feel like asking for help. From her guildies or from a therapist. And Person 2 may be okay with talking about it to someone other than her husband again. And everyone involved can know they did what they could to make the game playing experience the best for everyone involved.

That’s when it matters.

P.S. Osephala, I offer you hugs and an ear if you ever need one.
P.P.S. Internet Trolls to Real-Life Stalkers In case you were curious.
P.P.P.S. How the web became a sexists’ paradise For more information on the differences between how men and women are treated (and if you think for a second this doesn’t apply, you’re fooling yourself)
P.P.P.P.S. Why taking things like rape and stalking seriously are important, even in a video game. It’s easy to find people. I know I found out which Southern state amber lives in, at least where her ISP is.

Click the links. Read all the way through. And understand this is more than just you… a single person. This is about everyone.

When Disaster Strikes

January 22nd, 2010 | Tags: , , ,

Whenever something catastrophic happens in the world I obsess about the details and worry myself over how many are hurt, how many are dead, how many are missing, etc. My problem is that because of my lack of much disposable income the ability to donate much time or money is non-existent.

Today I have a little bit of disposable income. So today I will be buying patterns on Ravelry**. Specifically I’ll be buying patterns in which either a portion or all of the proceeds will be going to help with Haiti fund raising organizations.

This ends up being a 3- (or even 4-) fold benefit to all.

First, there’s the obviously selfish one in which I get a pattern out of it. Sure.
Second, I’m supporting indie designers by buying their patterns.
Third, The obvious one is that whatever amount of money I spend, there’s a portion of it going to help with the relief efforts.
Fourth, It gives me more patterns to make for others! (this one is a stretch, I know).

I could easily just donate some money, sure. And I’d feel good about being able to do that, without a doubt. But it’s really the support of the designers that I’m interested in as well. These people are giving up a portion of their livelihood. There’s always a bigger picture, I swear.

As I browse there are 77 pages worth of projects. That’s a lot of stuff and a lot of patterns to choose from. So I encourage the handful of crafty folks who might be reading to go take a look. Even if you get only one pattern, it’ll still be helping.

** When you’re logged into Ravelry, click on Pattern. In the upper right hand corner there’s a link for Haiti donation patterns.

EDIT: For those curious, I’ll link the patterns that I went ahead and purchased today, not in any particular order. These are all Ravelry links (which means it requires an account to be able to access them).
A Little Something by Samantha Roshak
Argus Shawlette by Wendy Johnson
Lasa Set by Jenna H.
Varese Hoodie by Connie Chang Chinchio
Heirloom Treasure Baby Blanket by PurpleSage

#Amazonfail FTMFL!!

April 13th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

News broke sometime yesterday (at least for me) that Amazon did a pretty epically stupid thing. It wasn’t just stupid… it was… stupid.

It’s a buzz all over twitter with a hashtag all it’s very own.

For those who don’t want to be bothered doing google searches and clicking around all over the place… here’s the gist of what went down.

Author Mark Probst noticed that he no longer had a ranking in the amazing system, meaning that his books would nto be found were an amazon search performed on it. Upon investigation, it seemed as though other GLBTO titles were being removed from the ranking list… again, making it harder to find via search.

Amazon’s response said something to the effect of “adult content” blah blah blah. But you can still search for very adult material despite their excuse.

Meta Writer has been keeping tabs on what is being censored and what is not. While not overtly horrible, it seems just 10 steps too far over the “not doing the right thing.”

While it’s not enough to keep me from using Amazon’s resources (not yet at least) it’s enough to wonder who got a hair up their ass to even think that something like this would go unnoticed.

Far too often the internet and social networks have shows the awesome powers they have to get information out there and quickly. I mean, it’s to the point that Neil Gaiman’s posting about it as well. Among others. Friends have tweeted and plurked about it. I’m pretty sure I saw Wil Wheaton tweet an #amazonfail somewhere.

Please note this particularly amusing blog post. My favorite bit: “Alternate usage: “My girlfriend wanted to preserve her virginity, and I was happy to respect that, then she amazon ranked and decided anal sex was okay.””

Chalk up another epic fail on the part of the internet moguls. They’ll learn eventually… right… right??

The Extra Stuff

April 12th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

In recent months I’ve become interested in all of the “extras.” I mean from authors, from movies, from anything. I watched the Q&A from “Neverwhere” after I had Netflix’d the last and final disc. I watched the commentary from “Twilight” as well (which was more amusing than I would have expected).

I just finished listening to Neil Gaiman‘s interview with his daughter Maddy.

Quite possibly the cutest thing in the whole world. And informative too.

This should be interesting…

March 23rd, 2009 | Tags: , ,

I’m pretty sure most of us have done the “[Your Name] is” google search. And, well, there are countless others as well. But I had never done the “[Your Name] need” as a google search. The results were rather interesting.

1. Lee needs more support.
2. Lee needs to leave.
3. Lee needs to do more for Korea’s upgrades.
4. Lee needs love.
5. Lee needs your help to make cameraphone film.
6. Lee needs to fine tune herself.
7. Lee needs your camera!
8. Lee needs to elevate.
9. Lee needs just $3 million.
10. Lee needs to get nasty… and quick.

So I got rid of a handful of responses. Not because they weren’t funny, but mostly because they were repeats or ended with “Lee needs.” and nothing followed. The last one amuses me greatly. I might have to actually click that link and go read the article.

Totally stolen/borrowed from Jason.

The world is falling apart

March 4th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

So I found out today that not only is graduating a damn good thing, but it seems that there is a real possibility that California will no longer be subsidizing tuition which means students will end up having to pay full price for tuition. That sucks, and gives me yet another reason to leave California when the chance arises.

Facebook has turned into the next myspace, only worse. Myspace wasn’t so bad because a lot of work people didn’t bother. Not that it matters because I don’t (and won’t) use myspace for anything. Ever. I had to change my profile to remove my domains from my facebook profile. Why? Because there are a billion work people running around on facebook now and it’s starting to border on being rather silly. I mean, I’m feeling like my mom is reading my diary type of thing. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I guess so long as they don’t follow me on twitter or plurk, I’ll be alright. When that day comes, I think I’m taking a sabatical from the internet. No. Really.

I’m nearly finished with my first pair of knit socks. They’re not the best, but at least I can say I made them. And then I get to work on trying to make more socks… only better.

School is whooping my ass, and I’m ready for it to be done. I’m ready to sit on my ass and do nothing for a little bit when it’s all over. Well, there’s work, but I mean, I don’t have to spend nearly every waking moment reading, or writing, or reading and writing, and studying. I’m pretty burned out.


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Every now and again I go through this crazy phase of browsing though a ridiculous number of lolcat images on icanhascheezburger.com. Though this one was shared with me, and I love it. Because it has my beloved Doctor on it.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Nostalgic Gaming

June 12th, 2008 | Tags: , ,

So back when I first started playing Pokemon Diamond (at the poking and prodding of a certain person *winks at Michiko*), I went through this crazed phase. Surprised?!? If you know me well enough, you know I do this with damn near everything, and eventually the phase (or as I call them obsessions) pass. This one, however, didn’t pass until I had at least ONE copy of each type of pokemon that was available. This included having to find a GBC (Gameboy Color for those of you non-gamers out there).

I purchased a used copy of Pokemon Crystal (Because it was prettier??? *shrug*) through ebay. It was pretty beat up on the label, but it played, so I didn’t complain. I also picked myself up a nice purple-y colored GBC which seemed to work pretty well too. It came with this fancy case, some connection chords and some other junk I didn’t pay attention to because I realized I’d actually have to *gasp*choke*sputter* purchase batteries!!

I hadn’t had a hankering to actually bother to play until the other day. I was sitting at home after the infamous Jury Duty (man, that is the most BORING event ever!) and I wanted to play something. I didn’t want to replay Pokemon Pearl (which is the same as Diamond with only slight differences in the uber you get at the end and some of the pokes you get during game play). I already beat Diamond and didn’t want to keep going. I was kind of blah about it. I had Emerald, and even Leaf Green, but they’re close enough in generation to Diamond/Pearl that they didn’t give me anything… different.

So I busted out the Crystal.

Only, I saved the game, nearly immediately, and found much to my dismay, that while the game played, it’s internal battery had bit the big one and wasn’t saving games. Now onto the fun of figuring out how to effing fix that shiz! Cause now I’m determined. Even if I never finish it, I’m determined to make the bastard work!

I found this link on my multi-hour long search on how to replace said battery. I then ran out immediately to Radio Shack. Only the guy seemed like he was a bit out of his element and referred me to somewhere else that might be able to solder the new battery back in. And this place was CLOSED! Epic phail!!

I went home, a little pissed at my inability to be able to play Crystal, and proceeded to play Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Now, I didn’t want to have to PAY anyone to fix this cause it would normally only take a few minutes, so I brought the damn thing into work and asked the maintenance boys if it were doable. They did it. Only I forgot my SP to test the thing out.

Tonight when I get home, I might lose myself in some good ol’ fashioned Pokemon. This damn thing better save, or I’m throwing it at the wall.


EDIT: The guys at work totally came through for me! TOTALLY! Pokemon Crystal works, and saves… and now I have my obsessive game for the next few weeks! WOOTAGE!!

EDIT 2: And my Gameboy Color actually DOES work, now that Crystal has a working and functional battery. YAY for everything being perfect and working right!

I was tagged

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I was tagged by Joanne. So here’s the meme.

14 Random/Weird/Quirky Thing

  1. I smoke mostly when I’m bored or nervous. I’m bored a lot.
  2. I’ve tried to have a shot or two before playing an MMO because I was told it’s more fun, but it wasn’t so fun, and I didn’t even get a buzz.
  3. I spend more time of the year being poor and struggling (often negating eating) than I do enjoying freedom from financial burdens.
  4. I own 2 Nintendo DSs, because I refuse to let go of my old one, for nostalgic reasons… and because it’s easier to trade Pokemon with myself than to try to find another person.
  5. It’s a good thing I’m not sleeping with anyone, because I forget to take my pill at the same time every day (at least this month).
  6. Some days all I can think about is having a secret love affair with David Tennant, because I truly believe we are meant to be together… in a junior high school kid crush sorta way!
  7. I say curse words like it’s the only proper way for me to strengthen my point. I can use the F-word in the most imaginative ways.
  8. I have been told, over and over again, by numerous people, that I make the funniest faces when I’m trying to concentrate. I guess it’s amusing.
  9. I’m madly in love with a guy who will never love me the way he loved his ex… the one who treated him like shit…
  10. I dream of being a writer, but it’s a near impossible dream, considering how little writing I actually do.
  11. The time I spend on the net now is equal or more than what I used to spend on the net at one pint, and I often feel like a total idiot for not understanding much with regard to web technologies. I wish I didn’t take a multiple year hiatus.
  12. I sing in the car at the top of my lungs, even with the windows open.
  13. I come across to most as this “hard ass bitch” in real life, but the people who really know me, often see something different.
  14. I miss simplicity, and often wish I could live without the luxuries I believe are important, just to get back to what’s really important.

Tagging Rules:

  1. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
  2. Link the person who tagged you
  3. Mention the rules in your blog
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