The Disclaimer

March 25th, 2008 |

This site is for me. Not for you. I accept that I can’t control the random person stopping by to read. I realize that there are going to be people who come here because I’ve asked them to. And through them there will be others. And other’s still. The possibility of people coming here is pretty much endless, however, I know that it’s unlikely that I’ll be inundated with readers. And I’m okay with that.

If you know me personally, read with caution. I mean extreme caution. You might be mentioned. I might talk about you. I might bring up a story you told. I might reflect on something you’ve asked me. Something you’ve talked to me about. I might be pissed off at you and bitch to high hell about you to toward you here. I might talk shit about someone you know. I might talk shit about you. I might talk shit about what you wore. I might talk shit about something you didn’t wear. I might just talk shit for the sake of talking shit. My point??

Don’t read if you don’t want to know. Don’t read if you might find yourself offended. Don’t read if you’re ever going to even THINK about bringing up something I wrote here in a personal, real-life setting. Especially don’t think about bringing anything I write up as a means to make me feel guilty, or seeking an apology. You’re not going to get it.


Ever. Not to you. Not to the person I’m dating or sleeping with. Not to my father. Not to my mother. Not to my best friend. Not to any single human being on the planet… I refuse to let anyone designate what I can and cannot say in my own personal space.

I will, however, respect you. I will not use your real name, especially if you’ve explicitly asked me not to.

This is my therapy. This is my place on the internet. I pay for it, I maintain it, I spend the time writing it… it’s for me. I can’t stress that enough.

All that being said, this is not without understanding that I’m making a very personal portion of my life public on the internet. That in doing so, and in having you in my life, I’m publicly putting portions of your life out in public on the internet as well. But public to who? Random strangers? Other people who know me somehow, somewhere? I will always respect personal privacy, and more than likely, you’re going to have a nickname. Something to differentiate YOU from everyone else in the telling of a story, but nothing that’s going to actually point toward you the individual. I don’t want people to be able to stalk you. Or find you. If they know you, oh, well, maybe they’ll be able to figure it out.

I have issues. We all have issues. Writing has always been my release… a means of dealing with whatever seems out of control. It’s a way for me to sort through my feelings and emotions. A means to attempt to explain to myself whatever the hell is going on in my head, my heart, and my soul.

I’m not here to make you look like an asshole. Nor am I trying to make myself out to be an asshole. It might happen!

You come here at your own risk. You choose to move forward toward learning about me through my writing at no cost to me. If you can handle it, please stay. Leave a comment and bitch back.

But don’t judge me.

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