Another start

March 23rd, 2008 | Tags:

I miss this place. I miss writing here. I miss coming here to see if there are new comments. I miss it terribly, so at some point I decided I would design something new. Something Doctor Who related. But my enthusiasm for it died… as it often does anymore when it comes to doing anything web related. I mean, I spent so many years, and I mean YEARS working on stuff. Designing stuff for other people. Doing just about anything I could to make my site look “cool” and “hip” and try to draw in new readers. Or even just have a reason to write here! But that all died at some point. I just lost interest. All of the people I spent so many years reading and keeping track of, they all kept at it, and I just lost interest.

I noticed life passing me by. I needed to grab a hold of what was happening around me, and I needed to live in it.

And living is what I’ve been doing. Vicariously. Through others, but most of all, by doing.

And now I come back here, with a fresh start. A template that’s one of the many defaults. Nothing fancy. Nothing new. Something people have probably seen a thousand times, and I’m okay with that. Right now, it’s going to be about me.

I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired of “friends only” posts. I’m tired of keeping things inside. And I’m tired of this writing hiatus that I’ve been stuck in for far too many years. I need to write. It makes me feel better. And if people find what I say interesting, all the better. If people are offended, well, they don’t have to come back. I’ve never been willing to give this domain up, and it’s about time I did something with it.

For those of you who know me, and those of you who don’t. This is going to be unfiltered. There won’t be any passworded entries. If there is a time when I need to deal with spam comments (again) then I might add a captcha or something along those lines. Hopefully it won’t come to that. But it might.

Here, here is a glimpse into my world. My life. And how I live it. I hope this is my fresh start, and I hope it’s therapeutic, like it once was.