The world is falling apart

March 4th, 2009 | Tags: , ,

So I found out today that not only is graduating a damn good thing, but it seems that there is a real possibility that California will no longer be subsidizing tuition which means students will end up having to pay full price for tuition. That sucks, and gives me yet another reason to leave California when the chance arises.

Facebook has turned into the next myspace, only worse. Myspace wasn’t so bad because a lot of work people didn’t bother. Not that it matters because I don’t (and won’t) use myspace for anything. Ever. I had to change my profile to remove my domains from my facebook profile. Why? Because there are a billion work people running around on facebook now and it’s starting to border on being rather silly. I mean, I’m feeling like my mom is reading my diary type of thing. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I guess so long as they don’t follow me on twitter or plurk, I’ll be alright. When that day comes, I think I’m taking a sabatical from the internet. No. Really.

I’m nearly finished with my first pair of knit socks. They’re not the best, but at least I can say I made them. And then I get to work on trying to make more socks… only better.

School is whooping my ass, and I’m ready for it to be done. I’m ready to sit on my ass and do nothing for a little bit when it’s all over. Well, there’s work, but I mean, I don’t have to spend nearly every waking moment reading, or writing, or reading and writing, and studying. I’m pretty burned out.