My WotLK Bucket List

September 7th, 2010 | Tags: , , ,

So DruidMain posted about a Bucket List. Y’know, those things you want to get accomplished before Cataclysm comes out. So it got me to thinking, what sort of things have I been working on the last little while for before Cataclysm changes all of Azeroth? The list may seem somewhat ridiculous, for the most part. I figure why not shoot for the moon, and settle on the stars.


For Hestiah I’d like to get [The Coin Master] Included in that is: [A Penny For Your Thoughts][Silver in the City][There’s Gold In That There Fountain]
It’s a whole lot of standing around in Dalaran, at the fountain, fishing. But it’ll be one of those things I’ll be happy I did.

For Mailynn I’d still like to get [The Loremaster], but I’m pretty sure I’m not even remotely close to willing to do all the work involved. Have you seen the number of quests there are for [Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms] and [Loremaster of Kalimdor]?? Mai’s 494/685 for Kalimdor and I want to tear my hair out. I’m not sure I’ll get this for her.

Mailynn is only two world events away from getting [What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been], so I’m planning on finishing that off with her. She will be the only one, I believe, who has the damn purple drake. Srsly.

Hestiah has been working on [Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber] and it’s killing me. So tedious. So boring.

I desperately need to get Hestiah [World Explorer] including all of the Flight Points around everywhere too. I have half a mind to wait until I can fly around most of the old world, but who knows. Maybe I’ll get bored enough to do it.

I’d like to get the [Classic Dunegonmaster] as well as [Outland Dungeon Hero] on Hestiah and Mailynn at some point, though this is a little far fetched I think.

Hestiah still needs to get [Reins of the Raven Lord]. It’s kind of pathetic that she’s a druid and she doesn’t have this yet.

Everything Else

I’d like to level my Resto Shaman at some point beyond whatever her level is right now (I’m pretty sure it’s only 17).

Like DruidMain, a set of Plate Heirloom items would be really nice. I hadn’t even thought about it up until now, but I’m pretty sure it would sure make leveling easier for my Worgen Warrior come Cataclysm if I have these ready.

I think that’s it. Maybe. Possibly. No big deal, right?? /headdesk

Ode to the weekend

October 4th, 2009 | Tags: , , , ,

The weekends are never quite long enough. I always end up feeling like I need to cram in a bunch of stuff fairly late Sunday just to feel like I accomplished something. This weekend was no exception.

Though after getting home from the boyfriend’s house, I discovered the cat decided that the entire apartment was now her new litter box (joy), that my computer’s fan sounded like a high-pitched lawnmower (uh, annoying), and my apartment smelled funny. I guess this means it’s time to take out the trash or something.

So lately I’ve been playing far too much World of Warcraft. I mean, a whole helluva lot of WoW (the acronym for World of Warcraft just in case someone who’s been living under a rock for the last 5 years stumbles across this and is curious why the hell anyone would name a video game wow). This slight obsession with playing WoW so much stems from a couple of things. It’s something I can do with out having to spend a ton of money. Considering I’ve cut back on as much as I possibly can with regard to expenses, the only “luxuries” I have are internet (which was actually a requirement for school since I had a whole lot of quizzes and tests online, as well as papers to turn in), Netflix (the cheapest possible plan I could have that included streaming movies), and WoW.

There are always other options for entertainment, sure. I could read, or knit, or crochet (and thus finish projects I’ve been thinking about, working on and have started but not finished). And man are there a number of books that I definitely want to read before I die.

But when push comes to shove, it’s WoW that seems to get the majority of my attention. That is, until, about 7-ish tonight.

I decided to clean up my room some. Put away all the clean clothes. Patch the crotchial area of my jeans and see if I can’t get at least a month and a half out of them before having to drop mad cashola for replacement jeans. Pack up all of the clothes I decided on donating… oh… months and months ago… only to end up with a giant pile of clothes sitting in the corner. I may (or may not) load up the car prior to going to work and drop it all off at Good Will tomorrow when I get home. I put the dirty laundry in the laundry basket where it belongs. I brushed the hell outta the cat (even though I was pretty upset at her for the litter situation earlier) which she love love loves! She actually sits there and delegates what area of her body to brush and de-fur. It’s very cute.

I started to clean a tiny bit of the kitchen, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

And I dyed some more yarn. This turned out “happier” than I expected with really bright colors. I was thinking something totally different than what I got. *shrug* it’s not bad, but the purple will need to be redyed to try to sort out weird dye separation color stuff. Oh well.

Oh yeah, I also turned on the gas heater, lit the pilot and got that all fired up (pun intended). The crazy thing about my wonderful wall-unit heater is that there’s some sort of gas leak that the landlord* refuses to acknowledge exists. Thankfully there’s a gas shut-off valve inside of the unit and once it hits the point where I’m no longer using it, the gas gets turned off. This saves me about $10/mo on my PG&E bill (because the pilot still burns gas!!) and keeps my apartment from smelling nasty and gross.

Well, it felt far too cold inside my apartment (with all of the windows clothes) so I checked the weather. At the time (this was about, oh 8-ish) it was 60 degrees. Which is actually really nice and pleasant. It was the low of 44 that scared me. Because a week ago we had 100 degree days and 80 degree nights. This severe shift in temperature is likely to mean that someone in this home may get sick… but not if I can help it.

So on goes the heater.

And now I’m wrapping up the night feeling slightly accomplished. I’d like one more day of weekend but I know that’s not likely. Maybe I’ll see if I can have a 3 day weekend next week (for Columbus day, which the rest of the world gets as a paid holiday, but I don’t get it as a holiday at all).

*Note: He’s not really the landlord, he’s the owner of the apartment complex (or as I like to call him, the Slumlord… which he is).

Nostalgic Gaming

June 12th, 2008 | Tags: , ,

So back when I first started playing Pokemon Diamond (at the poking and prodding of a certain person *winks at Michiko*), I went through this crazed phase. Surprised?!? If you know me well enough, you know I do this with damn near everything, and eventually the phase (or as I call them obsessions) pass. This one, however, didn’t pass until I had at least ONE copy of each type of pokemon that was available. This included having to find a GBC (Gameboy Color for those of you non-gamers out there).

I purchased a used copy of Pokemon Crystal (Because it was prettier??? *shrug*) through ebay. It was pretty beat up on the label, but it played, so I didn’t complain. I also picked myself up a nice purple-y colored GBC which seemed to work pretty well too. It came with this fancy case, some connection chords and some other junk I didn’t pay attention to because I realized I’d actually have to *gasp*choke*sputter* purchase batteries!!

I hadn’t had a hankering to actually bother to play until the other day. I was sitting at home after the infamous Jury Duty (man, that is the most BORING event ever!) and I wanted to play something. I didn’t want to replay Pokemon Pearl (which is the same as Diamond with only slight differences in the uber you get at the end and some of the pokes you get during game play). I already beat Diamond and didn’t want to keep going. I was kind of blah about it. I had Emerald, and even Leaf Green, but they’re close enough in generation to Diamond/Pearl that they didn’t give me anything… different.

So I busted out the Crystal.

Only, I saved the game, nearly immediately, and found much to my dismay, that while the game played, it’s internal battery had bit the big one and wasn’t saving games. Now onto the fun of figuring out how to effing fix that shiz! Cause now I’m determined. Even if I never finish it, I’m determined to make the bastard work!

I found this link on my multi-hour long search on how to replace said battery. I then ran out immediately to Radio Shack. Only the guy seemed like he was a bit out of his element and referred me to somewhere else that might be able to solder the new battery back in. And this place was CLOSED! Epic phail!!

I went home, a little pissed at my inability to be able to play Crystal, and proceeded to play Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. Now, I didn’t want to have to PAY anyone to fix this cause it would normally only take a few minutes, so I brought the damn thing into work and asked the maintenance boys if it were doable. They did it. Only I forgot my SP to test the thing out.

Tonight when I get home, I might lose myself in some good ol’ fashioned Pokemon. This damn thing better save, or I’m throwing it at the wall.


EDIT: The guys at work totally came through for me! TOTALLY! Pokemon Crystal works, and saves… and now I have my obsessive game for the next few weeks! WOOTAGE!!

EDIT 2: And my Gameboy Color actually DOES work, now that Crystal has a working and functional battery. YAY for everything being perfect and working right!

Game Life

May 13th, 2008 | Tags: ,

SO me! Up until about 20 minutes ago.

Now, I’m gonna miss that Felguard bastard…