Testing WP 2.0 for iPhone

November 4th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

No offense to the WordPress iPhone devs, but 1.0 was a pain in my ass to use! I’d write and entry and publish it and it would never show up. I’d have to do all sorts of finger-crossing and hoping that after 20 minutes of screwig around with it on a computer would I eventually figure it out. And while I don’t expect to be writing anything profound or fantastic on my cellphone, I still wanted it to work.

So here’s me. On iPhone app WordPress 2.0 with fingers crossed (again) that when I open a browser and go to my blog, I will see this little post.

Oh PLEASE work!!

Edit #1: Test one was a failure. The I set it to publish, and it shows status as Published. Visibility as Public. Shows the date and time of publishing, but when you visit my blog there is nothing. This edit is being done on a desktop.

Edit #2: And after adding the first edit, and updating the post, it shows up on on the site. *ponders* I don’t know if that’s quite as functional as I had hoped. Better, but still a pain. Not sure what’s going on.


June 20th, 2008 | Tags: ,

So I’m finally getting up with some of the awesome technology that’s out there! I installed the WordPress.com Stats, because while I have a stats site that keeps track of cool things for me (like incoming links, what city people who are reading are from, etc) I’d like a lot of that in the Dashboard/Admin area.

I also got the mobile interface WPhone for this site, so that I can use my phone to check cool things and write entries while not in front of a computer. The one on my phone isn’t nearly as pretty as the screenshots, but it works! And that makes me happy panda!

Days like this, when I’ve spent most of the day sitting on my ass bored out of my mind, I’m glad for small victories!

Hmmm… I like!

March 29th, 2008 | Tags: ,

So WordPress has finally announced the launch of the 2.5 upgrade, and while I like to stay up to date (mostly so everything works properly) I decided that even though it’s only been a matter of hours, why the hell not.

So far, I actually really like the new Dashboard. It’s going to take some adjusting to, but it doesn’t seem as though ANY of my plugins are broken. And none of my current widgets are acting up.

I do like it.