The road of death

June 8th, 2009 | Tags: , , ,

It’s really rather depressing sometimes… the drive into work. It’s not as though there’s much to see out there in the farmland… except, well, farms. Today seemed to be more depressing than normal. The number of dead animals on the road is rather astounding at times. Makes me wonder if people aim for whatever tiny creature is attempting to cross the road.

A couple months ago, while driving into work, I came over a hill and saw some glittering blue and green near the road. As I got closer it wasn’t near the road but on the road. There used to be two peacocks that would wander around in the woods that lined the highway. One of them was killed and the colorful bump in the road remained. I nearly cried as I passed it, considering pulling over and trying to get the corpse off the road.

There are very few things in life as beautiful as a peacock. On one was killed on that dreary road. The other I have not seen since.

And this makes me sad sometimes.

Every day…

June 3rd, 2009 | Tags: ,

I wake up hoping that the day will be good and that I will enjoy it.

And every day I am thoroughly disappointed with my day.

I think I need a new job. Somewhere else to work, cause I’ve really truly had it with this place… and most of the people.

I’ve had about enough

March 31st, 2009 | Tags: , ,

I just don’t think I will ever understand why people think their time is more important than yours. That it’s okay to just walk into an office and say, “Oh looks like your having lunch.”
Nope. This is actually my job. Sit around an office and eat. It’s a pretty awesome gig.
“Well, I hate to interrupt…”
But you’re gonna do it anyway, so let’s cut to the chase and avoid the small talk. Wtf do you want?!

Realistically, it doesn’t matter. Don’t bug me. I’m really not in the mood. And now in order to make myself feel less homicidal… I will eat Cadbury Creme Eggs. *sigh*

The Purpose

June 30th, 2008 | Tags: ,

I didn’t realize that my purpose in life was to make other people feel better about themselves. I didn’t realize that my SOLE purpose in life was to run around kissing other people’s bums so that they could continue to skate through life on the curtails of those who actually use our intelligence and brains in an attempt to get somewhere in life. Whoops! I guess I missed that memo.

Sorry to interrupt your normally schedule program, but there’s a Newsflash!

Ooooohhhhh! That’s right. It’s not my purpose in life.

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